L'atelier Cornee Gallery, galerie d'art en ligne pop art
L'atelier Cornee Gallery, galerie d'art pop art en ligne


Describe your workshop!

My workshop is the place where I work, I search, I test, I experiment, I create…every single day.

This place is essential for me: it is my realm, my bubble, my universe.

All my works come alive here.

My palette is “giant”, taking center stage in the space, and beside it are tins in which hundreds of brushes and paint knives of all shapes and sizes, as well paint tubes and spray cans await me.

I need this palette to create my particular and personal mixes and to find the colors that will strike a cord in the composition and give this unique and magical dimension to the artwork.

Many other products are well-stocked on a shelving unit, but shh…artist’s secret!

What techniques do you use?

I enjoy using and experimenting with all techniques on canvas: oil, acrylic, knives, brushes, engraving, spray paint, collage, gold leaf, micro glitter inlay…from small to very large formats.

What are your influences?

My influences are multiple and innumerable, because every day my imagination is enriched with all of the images I view in magazines, the media, on television… As for an artist, at the moment I am greatly enjoying the work of Andy Warhol.

How has your work evolved and what are the themes most present in your artwork?

Over the years I have developed a personal style that is a little POP, a little STREET, often rich in colors, vibrant in feelings, with the lightness of carelessness, all in order to express the moments in life that affect me.

The themes therefore vary according to my feelings about events, encounters, and the beauty of the moment.

L'atelier Cornee Gallery, oeuvres d'art uniques en ligne
L'atelier Cornee Gallery, artiste peintre pop et street art