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Born in 1962 in Toulouse.
Self-taught, I live in Mougins and work in Mougins. When I was a child, the spontaneous conception of an imaginary character revealed my sensibility and taste for artistic creation.

Later, the power of creativity of this periof during my childhood kept its intensity and particularity. The progression of the line became drawing. The harmony of shapes blossomed in a natural way.

Nowadays, my painting is still influenced by this “magical” instant, I work in unison with graphism, volume and colour values ; from this symphony is born what I call a « poetico-lyrical transfiguraton ».

I fill my paintings with love and some mysteries…They have the power to give joy and happiness to those who wish to contemplate them.

  • I take part in many exhibitions in France and Europe, in the USA, in Asia...

  • If we could sum up in a sentence all his present work, it would certainly be that of Umberto Eco in Foucault’s pendulum : « we have just to bend the surface of a mirror in order to go to the imaginary». The spectator is at least taken aback in front of his paintings, a little bit delirious, illusionist, playful and strange, from which he gets the meaning little by little. He makes us penetrate into his unbridled imaginary, musical and magical…his painting is clair, bright, funny, a source of joy and an intense happiness”  Clara Pozniakoff ARTCLUB GALLERY

  • "An encounter with an artist whose talent is confirmed. Just by observing Patrick Cornée’s work slowly, you will be immersed into a world of dreams from where you will go out transformed. His painting mixes sensuality, comical aspects and sweetness. We are seeking for getting into this imaginary world that quickly becomes so close and magical, and we ask again : More ! » Cendrine Galipot, art researcher